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5 Ways to Commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by Pretty Fancy Lady on

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As we bring awareness to the disease, we should also be aware of the Cancer Warriors - those who are currently suffering, those who have beat the illness, and those who are permanently resting after a difficult battle. Here are some practical tips that will help you to honor the Cancer Warriors in your circle:


1. Donate to Charity in the name of a Cancer Warrior

Some of the top charities working to find a cure and eliminate this disease are the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, Dr Susan Love Research Foundation and the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. Whether you choose to donate to one of our recommended charities or another one, make sure to do your research. Some charities spend most of their funds on administrative costs and very little on Breast Cancer Patients and research.


2. Volunteer to help Cancer patients

Chemotherapy and surgery can weaken cancer patients, and so will the disease itself. Patients will benefit greatly from any help you can give them. Just remember cancer patients have a weakened immune system, so avoid being around them if you have a contagious illness. You can volunteer at your local hospital or help someone with their day to day activities.  Here are some suggestions: 

  • Bring them groceries (check before you visit to see what they need), 
  • Drive them to and from appointments, 
  • Bring them a meal, 
  • Take their children out so they can have uninterrupted rest, 
  • Stop by for a chat (keep it brief) and make them laugh,
  • Clean their home. 


3. Share useful information and Get screened!

There are several kinds of cancer that can be relatively easy to treat if detected early enough. Take care of your body, get regular doctor visits, do the annual tests your doctor recommends and do a monthly breast self-exam. Know the early warning signs of common cancers. Share information about the disease to help raise awareness.


4. Throw a Survivors’ Party

There are a few different ways to do this. If your company allows, have a specific day where everyone wears pink (or another cancer awareness color) and collects donations or celebrates survivors at your workplace. Know someone who beat cancer? Throw them a party on the anniversary of their last day of Chemotherapy. Take a cancer warrior out to dinner at their favorite restaurant (if they’re not too sick to be out). Choose at least one person and celebrate their journey in whatever way works best for them. 


5. Give a Memorial / Commemorative Gift

We’ve got you covered on that one. Choose from our line of customized jewelry, such as our “Stronger than Cancer” necklace. Our photo jewelry (upload your own image), or even a bar necklace (Engrave your special verses). Most of our handmade jewelry ships worldwide and can be personalized with special dates, encouraging verses or phrases, names or any other love notes you choose to add. For the month of October, we're donating a portion of the profits to Breast Cancer research.



Go ahead and take one of our suggestions. They are sure to make the cancer warrior in your life smile with gratitude!




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