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5 Surprising Ways To Turn A Vintage Brooch into Modern Fashion

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We all love them - those beautiful brooches we grew up seeing our grandmothers wearing. We like to look at them, but we don't want to look old-fashioned and frumpy. So what should we do? 

Keep reading to see some modern ways to wear that fabulous accessory!


1. Dress Up Your Favorite Jacket

Brooch on Jacket - Steve Snodgrass photo -

Image Credit: Steve Snodgrass -

Who said brooches were reserved for fancy dresses? Sport your favorite brooch everywhere by wearing it on the collar of your favorite jacket. The pop of color is sure to make you and everyone who sees you smile!


2. Wear it in Your Hair

Brooch in hair - brian schneider photo -

Image Credit: Brian Schneider -

Wanna know a secret? Don't tell anyone but I've been doing this since high school. Simply make a ponytail or use hair pins to style your hair. Next add the brooch above the ponytail so that it hides the original barrette. Voila! You have a sleek, stylish, one of a kind hair ornament! 


3. Dress Up Your Scarf

hijab scarf brooch -

Your scarf is beautiful, but wouldn't it be even better with a gorgeous brooch to hold it in place? You can add your brooch to an infinity scarf, a hijab, or even use it to hold the ends together!


4. Style Your Favorite Hat

Purple hat with brooch -

Take a classic or modern hat to the next level by adding a crystal brooch to the ribbon around the base of the hat. Go from simple style to glam girl with a floral or rhinestone pin!


5. Back, Not Front

wedding gown brooch back -

Who says a brooch has to be worn on the front of your outfit? A dress or blouse with a low cut back would be perfect for a large vintage brooch. You'll have to get help with pinning it, but imagine how many heads you'll turn as you walk past others! 



Have a button up blouse that gapes in all the wrong places? What about a blouse that's cut just a tad too low? Brooches are the perfect accessory to prevent those wardrobe malfunctions!



brooch bouquet -

So we had to drop another one here for the brides! Make your bouquet truly unique by having your florist add a few of your favorite brooches to the arrangement. You could even replace all the flowers with brooches if you'd like!


What's your favorite way to wear a brooch? Tell us in the comments.

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